Hiranuma Co., Ltd.


High-priced buying
that gives value to end-of-life vehicles

In addition to older-model used cars, cars with a high amount of mileage,
and cars with non-starting engines,
we also buy end-of-life vehicles that even dealers and used-car buyers won’t buy 
— and we pay high prices
for those cars. Depending on the vehicle, we sometimes even buy at much higher prices
than other companies.
We can do this because the Hiranuma Corporation
fully understands the value
of each and every vehicle.

POINT We offer peace of mind with our extensive experience as buyers.

We have a track record of buying a large number of used vehicles. We buy cars with high mileage that have traveled in excess of 100,000 kilometers, as well as hard-to-price vehicles such as older-model cars that are past their original release. You can also consult us about inoperable vehicles, vehicles with non-starting engines, and other vehicles that were valued at 0 yen at other companies.

POINT Go from free appraisal to instant cash!

Conduct a free appraisal over the phone based on car model and engine size to receive an offer price from one of our operators. After agreeing to our estimate and bringing your car to us, you can get paid on the spot. We can also pick up inoperable vehicles (we will charge a fee).

POINT We’re fully committed to satisfying our customers.

Our expert staff members have extensive buying experience and will thoroughly support you until the very end of the buying process. Because there are many different cases to consider when selling vehicles, feel free to contact us before anything else.


Please send any comments, questions,
and other inquiries to us through our contact form.

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