Hiranuma Co., Ltd.

Metal resource

Contributing to a sustainable
society with end-of-life vehicles

POINT We conduct high-precision dismantling at our factories.

We process freon gas, airbags, as well as gasoline, oil, and other fluids based on the End-of-Life Vehicle Recycling Act. We remove parts for trading and use heavy machinery to dismantle undercarriages, engines, and copper wires. Each year, we process more than 35,000 vehicles.

POINT We repurpose used parts as resources.

Each part is carefully sorted within our factories that are equipped with specialized machinery and facilities. We maintain the high quality of iron, aluminum, copper, and other metal resources.

POINTWe contribute to environmental preservation through recycling and reuse.

The vehicles we dismantle play a part in the preservation of the environment. We repurpose dismantled vehicles as used parts and recycle them as recycled metal. The appeal of our company is that with us, you can feel connected to the fact that the car you’ve driven with care can also be useful to society and contribute to environmental preservation.


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